Appreciate the ingenuity of the Ottoman Empire in the collection of ancient treasures at this city near an impressive salt lake. Take a picturesque stroll on the seaside esplanade.

Palm trees line the seafront promenade in the historic city of Larnaca. Visit this coastal municipality known for its scenic sea views and ruins from past dynasties.

One remarkable feature of the area is Larnaca Salt Lake, a huge expanse of water populated by pink flamingoes. In summer, the water evaporates and the surface resembles the moon. Adjoining the lake is the Hala Sultan Tekke, a religious complex that welcomes people from every faith. Explore the site to learn about its place in Islamic history.

West of the city, find the Larnaca Aqueduct, a marvel of Ottoman ingenuity that delivered water from springs and a river for centuries. Its magnificent arches and columns stretch for miles.

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